1:35 HAD-EXTRA decals Vehicles

E351001 Leopard-2A4HU in Hungarian service from 2020-  decal sheet 1:35
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The long-awaited Leopard-2A4HU tanks also have a sticker sheet. I’m still making the painting guide, each vehicle has a different pattern. Use the pictures on facebook and in the media to paint. Color codes from the website of HM 25 György Klapka Lövészdandár: 1. basic color (40-50%) a NATO-green (RAL 6031); 2. (20-25%) a brown-grey (RAL 7013); 3. (5-10%) az antracitgrey (RAL 7016); 4. (5-10%) a Beige (RAL 1001). More information and painting maps here: A HM 25 Klapka György Lövészdandár: http://tataidandar.hu/2020/08/06/kozkivanatra/?fbclid=IwAR1s-nqXzCsaCPmXnid7PjGbfoRZs313-NhwEZmDmrjy8KricLqEjvUXEf4 Thanks for the help to Mátyás Pánczél

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