32070 B-24D ”Lemon Drop” Assembly ship decal sheet 1:32
Stock: 38

An extra painted B-24D " Assembly ship" in 1945, Europe Reference: Schiffer Military Book, Ron Mackay Steve Adams : The 44th Bomb Group In WWII (The fying "Eight-Balls" Over Europe) Expected appearance: 10 th Jun

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32071 Messerschmitt 108 Taifun decal sheet 1:32
Stock: 78

The kit contains a water-stick decal sheet designed exclusively for model kits. We recommend it over 15 years

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72217 F-14A ”Black Aces” USS NIMITZ decal sheet 1:72
Stock: 80

This is the next part of our USS NIMITZ" collection. The collection covers the 70s and 80s and major types like Viking, Vigilante, Tom Cat, Phantom, A-7, A-6

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USS NIMITZ PACK7201 F-14A, Vigilante, Viking 3 in 1  decal pack 1:72
Stock: 79

This is the first pack of our USS NIMITZ" collection. This pack a cheaper becouse the 3 decals sheet have in one pack with discounted price.

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