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148021 URAL-4320 APA-5D Upgade set for Kitty Hawk kit 1:48
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How good it was that we once had a Ural APA 5-Start car from synthetic resin! With the release of the newly released Kitty Hawk injection molded plastic mockup, our time has come again! We started poisoning the existing etchings and resin elements, fitting them to the Kitty Hawk kit. The construction photos are coming soon and you can even see our cleaned complete repair kit, and even order it at a special price within a few days! It’s worth waiting for the HADmodels add-on kit and watching the initial pre-order, as the mockup has weak points, mostly arms, steps, thin metal plates and what’s missing from the factory casting frame: the dashboard on the APA car dashboard - which we’ll also add as well. A couple of synthetic resin parts are also expected, but we mainly offer photo-etching and the gap-filling Hungarian sticker (supplemented with Polish and Russian markings) in our appearing stock. We will be coming with pictures of the construction soon! The PREORDER start in 3th JUN

COMING SOON!!!! URAL 4320 APA5D full resin kit  in scale 1:32
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Elkezdtük legújabb 3D projektünket, várva várt 1:32 -es léptékű APA 5-D APA kocsi tervezését. 2019 őszére tervezzük a kiadását. Folyamatosan frissítjük a fejlesztés állapotát, itt tudjátok majd követni és a Facebook-on. We started our latest 3D project, waiting for the awaiting design of the 1:32 scale APA 5-D APA wagon. We plan to release it by autumn 2019. We are constantly updating the state of development, here you will be able to follow and on Facebook.


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