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HADpack32001 MiG-21 resin pack 1:32
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A készlet 1000 Ft-al olcsóbb, mintha külön- külön vennéd meg őket. Package savings 1000 HUF

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PT003 Palm tree PACK  for all scale
Stock: 28
Permanently CHEAP PRICE

Artificial resin palm tree set for every size diorama.   The kit contains 3 types of resin palm tree, their associated-etched leafy branches + an extra etching to enrich the soup branches with different sized branches. An extra 21 cm resin palm tree strain was also placed in the PACK and only be purchased in this package. 1. Palm tree trunk height: 12 cm 2. Palm tree trunk height: 19 cm 3. Palm tree trunk height: 21 cm

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